At some point of time, every industry finds itself in a situation where old ideas get useless and global changes are desperately needed. That is what happened to porn industry in the middle of the previous decade, when online video calls became available to the public. It resulted in a new branch of the industry — adult webcam.

Webcam platforms are getting more and more popular nowadays. This isn’t particularly surprising — modern customer is fed up with various and easily available pornographic content. However, no movie, story and even interactive video game can compete with an actual dialogue with a sweet webcam model.

Men and women all around the globe use such an opportunity to earn themselves some money. According to Newsbeat, 150 people become webcam models each month in UK alone, and this is only the beginning — famous pornographic studios are only starting to find out about this new branch. Most models work independently and do not get an opportunity to use professional equipment.

Even though this kind of adult entertainment got quite popular, models and their customers have to bear with a lot of inconvenient circumstances. Slow payment transfers, model payout holds, high commission feed, lack of confidentiality and user data being easily available to platform staff — those are only few of the problems that webcam users encounter on a daily basis. This slows down industry as a whole.

Live Stars is developing a new generation webcam platform, that takes advantage of blockchain technology.

Project team has recently announced their token presale, which will start on 15.09. Their new solution is meant to provide solutions to main issues of the current market, and is taking advantage of blockchain technology. Blockchain philosophy is mainly about lack of centralized control and surveillance, which is crucial when it comes to something as personal as webcam.

Users get an opportunity to be fully confident in their personal data being protected, models — to earn a lot more than they get to currently, instant payouts and other advantages — all that is going to allow Live Stars to become a serious competitor for current webcam platforms. You can read more on webcam, its’ business model, issues and proposed solutions in Live Stars whitepaper —

LIVE token presale will start on 21.09 at 09.00 (UTC), 20 000 000 tokens (10% of total supply) will be offered for purchase. 1 LIVE price is set to $0.05, which is 4 times lower than the actual ICO price.

If you have any questions, you may always address them directly to Live Stars team here or reach us through links.